FI-WARE 3rd Open Call


(Submission of proposals to the 3rd FI-WARE Open Call is now closed.  Evaluation has been closed and negotiations with selected proposals are in progress)

The FI-WARE project has reserved a portion of the project budget to fund specific tasks to be carried out by new beneficiaries that will join the consortium after start of the project. These later-joining beneficiaries are selected by means of a series of competitive Open Calls.

The First and Second FI-WARE Open Calls were devoted to cover development of Generic Enablers fulfilling needs identified by Use Case projects funded in phase 1 of the FI-PPP program not originally identified at the start of the FI-WARE project.  The Third FI-WARE Open Call now launched will be devoted to the following goals:

It is expected that participants to this call will propose a concrete and specific plan that enables to achieve these goals during the given time-frame. Selected beneficiaries will be invited to refine and implement the final plan together with the FI-WARE Coordinator and in collaboration with the rest of the FI-WARE partners.

A maximum budget of 4,2 M€ will be assigned to selected beneficiaries for this purpose, to be executed from beginning of May 2013 until end of April 2014 (12 months).  Even if the duration of this activity is limited to the mentioned period, proposals that show a commitment towards phase 3 of the Future Internet PPP will be favoured.

The proposed plan shall include but doesn’t need to be limited to the following activities:

This FI-WARE Open Call addresses players who can demonstrate experience and credentials in the definition and implementation of similar plans. In particular, proposers who can prove their ability to mobilize thousands of users and can contribute a working online platform able to support the creation of an innovation ecosystem around FI-WARE involving different stakeholders will be favoured.

The following documents include helpful information to prepare your proposal (a FAQ will be created once an initial set of questions is answered, please check it regularly)

The planned schedule associated to the Third FI-WARE Open Call is shown below:



Call publication on the project website (initial text)

December 21, 2012

Call publication on the project website (final text with additional details)

January 22, 2013

Deadline for proposal submission

February 27th, 17:00 CET

e-mails for acknowledgement of receipt

February 28 – March 2, 2013

Proposals evaluation

March 2 – March 22, 2013

Send report of the consensus view of the experts to all proposers

March 29, 2013


1st half of April

Acceptance by FI-WARE Consortium

mid April

Acceptance by the European Commission

2nd half of April

Signature of the Consortium Agreement

End of April


Call details:


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